Happy Hour Language Classes San Francisco

San Francisco: Course Goals

Below, you'll find the overall objectives of each course level we offer. These descriptions can be applied to French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Mandarin course goals differ due to the nature of the language. Learning objectives for courses in other languages will be determined by the instructors and communicated in the Course Outline.

Basic 1

Course Goals: This course is designed for absolute beginners in the language. At the end of Basics 1, you will be able to introduce yourself and describe yourself, family members, daily routines; tell the date and time; describes likes/dislikes; order food and beverages at restaurants & bars; ask for a person's name, job, age, and where they are from; ask questions about prices; and describe where things are located in various environments (home, classroom, city).

Basic 2

Course Goals: At the end of Basics 2, you will be able to use a variety of verbs in the present tense both regular and irregular; give details about your daily life and routines; ask a variety of questions; describe what people look like and their personality; talk about various emotional states; and describe common health problems;


Course Goals: At the end of Elements 1, you will be able to describe past events; give commands; compare and contrast objects, places, and situations; describe clothing, appearance, and amounts; and talk about the body and its functions. At the end of Elements 2, you will be able to talk about future events, plans, and predictions; describe cause and effect; discuss travel plans; and give directions.


Course Goals: At the end of Intermediate, you will be able to express your general ideas; use three verb tenses comfortably; talk about hypothetical and abstract situations; give advice; describe obligations, abilities, and possibilities; and use a variety of adjectives and adverbs.


Course Goals: At the end of Competency, you'll be able to discuss a variety of familiar topics, incorporating new vocabulary and grammar points; fluently discuss a variety of topics from the familiar to the more complex; and would like to polish your pronunciation and intonation skills.