San Francisco Happy Hour Student in front of a world map

San Francisco: Happy Hour Language Classes

Course Level Descriptors

  • Basics 1: You are an absolute beginner and have never before studied the language
  • Basics 2: You're a false beginner--You’ve taken 20 hours of classes in the past year and/or can remember the basics from your school days
  • Elements 1: You've taken at least 40-50 hours of classes in the past 2 years and/or you studied the language more than a year ago and can converse at a basic level, using 1-2 verb tenses (past & present tense, for example)
  • Elements 2: You've taken at least 60-80 hours of classes in the past 3 years and/or you can converse using 2-3 verb tenses
  • Intermediate 1: You are able to express your general ideas, and can speak using 4 verb tenses comfortably and create complex sentences
  • Intermediate 2: You can express your ideas with increasing depth using a variety of vocabulary and 4 or more verb tenses
  • Competency 1: You are proficient in the language and can discuss a variety of familiar topics, incorporating new vocabulary & grammar points
  • Competency 2: You can fluently discuss a variety of topics from the familiar to the more complex and would like to polish your pronunciation and intonation skills